24 July 2016

D.I.Y: Accent Cushions

Hey guys,

DIY time!

I really like the home section at H&M, TK-MAXX and ZARA , but sometimes I look at the prices of these things and think of how I could just make that myself. So in line with the home decor posts, here is another one, simple and easy. 

 The things I've got for this DIY include two 45x45cm cushion from Wilkinson. Some white satin, some thick suedette in a dark mustard colour, but it comes out tan in the pictures. Then some needles and thread but that's only if you're not using a sewing machine, which I'll be doing. It's just easier and quicker. 

I used two methods from a couple of Youtube videos. 
HOBBY LOBBY which is a zipper closure that I used for the mustard throw pillow and the other method that I used was the envelope pillow cover from MELANIE HAM

They were both quite easy to make provided you have a sewing machine, without one it's going to be a pretty long DIY .

The finished products. 
 I'm planning to display these when I move into my new place soon. Along with some others I'll be making to add to the collection. Simple yet pretty! 

Thanks for stopping by, next week there'll be another home decor DIY.

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x

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