17 April 2017

Photobook: Fedora & Heels

This shoot was really fun and I loved the direction from VISUALSBYTC. I couldn't decide which pictures to use so I just blessed you with pretty much all of them. 

Shirt - ASOS
Long line duster - THRIFTED (similar HERE)

Peace and Love.
x Stitched Roses x

7 April 2017

OOTD: Spring Hues ft Arbonne First Impressions

Hey guys,  Just a quick OOTD because why not!

The top and culottes were made by me but i based them on trendy items so I will link something similar HERE and HERE(not velvet) but cute velvet alternative HERE

Shoes- NEW LOOK(no longer on website but may be available in-store) 

Coat- NEW LOOK- sold out but alternative HERE


I've been looking for a new makeup, specifically a primer and foundation. I heard about this company's makeup line in college but couldn't afford it so steered clear. I recently managed to get my hands on two items. The Arbonne 'Base De Maquillage' and the 'Perfecting Liquid Foundation' with SPF 15. I will be using the product a couple more times but first impressions, I am totally here for it. 
I didn't think the primer would hold up seen as I've tried my fair share of primers, but I didn't use power for the whole day, the sun was intense and my face didn't turn into an oil slick for over 10 hours. Even when the oil started breaking through, it wasn't a lot and didn't shift my makeup. Could this be the mother of all primers? 

Now the foundation doesn't have a matt finish and the darker shades are quite limited but once I mixed the two darkest shades, I was good to go. The coverage is light but build able. It is not ashy, I repeat, not ashy and ladies, there was no weird flash back on the camera. Someone even said my skin looked good with it on and that is always a god thing.It lasted the whole day, with minimal transfer. I think because I used the same line of products for my base, they complimented each other, so I will be testing both the foundation and primer out with my other products to see how they hold up. 

A full review will be coming up by the end of April. I want to use them as much as possible, so I can give you an accurate review. 

Let me know if there are any products you guys want me to test out for ya!

Peace and Love.
x Stitched Roses x