28 July 2016

D.I.Y: Glass & Gold

Hey there,
In line with the home DIY's, here are some small and simple holders.

The outcome, a candle/jewellery holder, pen holder and mini plant cup. 

You'll need:
~ Gold foil -AMAZON
~ An empty candle jar
~ Candle of choice
~ Empty jar (I used an empty diffuser bottle)
~ A dish or tea light holder (for the top of your jewellery holder) - WILKINSONS
~ Glass cup
~ Cactus or plant of choice
~ Hot glue gun - WILKINSONS
~ Rubber gloves (to protect your manicure when using the spray paint)

First and easiest, the pen holder. I used an old candle that had burnt out. I emptied the rest of the wax with hot water and soap, let it dry then used glossy white spray paint on it. I covered it with two coats. I'd recommend a third coat because I could still see some of the old metallic colour underneath. 

Here's where the gold foil comes in, just to add a little bit of texture and colour to the 'collection'. I already had the cactus and yes it is dying a little but I don't have the heart to throw it away.

I bought some gold foil from amazon with a couple of sheets for less than 3 pounds so not bad at all. The cactus was already in the glass cup so I just took pieces of the foil, some PVA glue and went for it. It wasn't difficult at all, the only warning is that the foil is quite thin and fragile but it works!

Last but not least, the jewellery/ candle holder. I used the empty diffuser bottle, tea light holder and glue gun for this one. I used the spray paint separately on both items, going for the gradient effect. Then stuck the two together making the diffuser bottle as central as possible. I added a piece of black ribbon to break up the colour. 

All simple and easy DIY's that can add a touch of character to your rooms. If you have a go at any of these yourself, or any new DIY ideas, please do share with me!

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x

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