19 June 2016

D.I.Y: Wall Art & Prints

Hey guys,
I've been saying for a while that I wll be doing more DIY posts and today we begin. 
For the next couple of weeks, I'll be doing a home decor 'series'. I'll be showing you farely simple DIY's that will add something new and stylish to your rooms and be affordable at the same time.

I'm starting off with wall art and prints. Wall art can be expensive and even though prints are affordable, you may not find one that suits you or that is perfect for your rooms. So why not make your own while adding a more personal touch to things.

For wall art, I tried something I'd seen on LaurDIY's channel. I'll link it below but it is quite simple and fun to make, the bigger the canvas the better. FIND THE VIDEO HERE

~Buy a canvas, any size and shape. I bought a 9 x 12" canvas that cost me two pounds from the craft store.
~Get some sellotape, preferable masking or painters tape because it won't let the paint leak through.
~Here's where you can get creative, place the tape down in any pattern, overlapping, squares, triangles, anything really, as long as there is some canvas left to paint on.
~Then pick two colours of your choice, I chose blue and a mustard yellow, get a sponge and start dabbing.
~Let the paint dry and then peel the tape off

Next is the print and it was free.
I used FotoJet which is an amazing app that has loads of variety and themes to play about with. There's not much limit to it and it's easy to maneuver.
I used the collage theme to create them.  I can't really give you steps but if you have a wonder on the site, you can find something that suits you.

This second one was made on Fotojet also and took a little longer than the other poster but it was interesting to make.

 It was my first time using any software like Fotojet and actually painting something like this but I enjoyed  this outlet of creativity.
When I move into my new place I'll be putting these up around my room, along with the other bits and bobs I'll be making soon, so stayed tuned.
I hope you enjoyed this first DIY decor post.

Thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a go your selves.

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x


  1. They all look so lovely! My favorite one has to be the last one though lol.. Keep up the good work x

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