31 March 2016

#TalkThursdays:"Escape The Ordinary"

Hello beautiful people, 
I was in Manchester doing some retail therapy and I spotted this top in Primark and it struck a chord with me, so I bought it! 

I'm the kind of person who likes a bit of excitement, I don't mind change and LOVE trying new things, especially when it comes to food and I don't like to stick to one thing for too long,sitting still has to be regularly practised. 

I seem to always be moving, trying to grow a little, experience more, do more and I try to live out the amazing things God has set before me. Granted I fail, a lot, yes I get it wrong and have to step back but I'm realising that I'm not comfortable being ordinary and neither should you! I can't stay stagnant, it makes me uncomfortable, more uncomfortable than growing does. 

Fight to get out of the herd,don't be content with being the same as everyone else, come out of the notion that just surviving is okay. We are so privileged to live in an age where so much is possible and with a little hard work, things are readily available to us, especially at younger ages. I don't know about you but I don't want to wake up just to survive, I want to thrive! 

Live life, embrace change, ride the waves and fight through the hard times so when you come out on the other side, you'll come out on a new level and be working with more than average, more than ordinary.
If you want to start a business go for it, but do it with excellence, create a new standard of craftsmanship. If you want to get in shape, girl get your sweat on and push yourself. If you want to reinvent yourself do it, don't fall into the crowd and blend in,but embrace the beauty and uniqueness that was placed in you by God and show the world that you're more than just another statistic but you are the exception to the rule and more than a conqueror! 

A couple of days later I saw this same phrase on an advert and I got thinking again..... I want to go on holiday, I want to go off on an adventure with an open return ticket. I want to experience more than just London. See who else is out there, learn more about this planet I call home. I want to know how it feels to live somewhere new, I want to walk in someone else's shoes for a day! As much as I like London and all it has to offer, I want to see more. It's not like I want to escape my life here forever, I just want to get away from my '9-5' (even though I'm at uni and not some desk job), and do something new! I want to see what other beautiful things/places are out there. That being said, never forget to appreciate your environment, there's always some beauty to be found somewhere. 

This post is for me as well as anyone else who needs it. I often find myself saying in my secret place, I don't want to just be average, I don't want to just survive but I want to be better, do better, know better and thrive! 
Really and truly I didn't know what I was going to write about when I started this post, but the words just started flowing in a random thought pattern, can you tell? I hope that this hasn't been a wasted read for you but has reminded you of what is in you and the potential you have to be more than ordinary.

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x


  1. LOVED this post and I see you doing buff girl yeeaaaaah

    1. Yaay thank you Tasha!! lol I'm trying small small