13 March 2016

Lip-smackingly Good

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So as a female, who loves lipstick, it can be a little awkward when you see some beautiful colours, then get excited but then you swatch them or put them on your lips and they look nothing like they do in the tube or on the model. As I have darker pigmentation, the colour is bound to look different on my lips than on the model, but you can't really check what it'll look like, even when you swatch it on your arms. A couple of friends have mentioned this same issue and I have noticed a couple of black female YouTubers doing lip swatches, which is so helpful and makes things easier for me anyways. That being said, I wanted to see if this would help you ladies out there, by doing some lip swatches. I'm going to try and include some popular brands and colours along with my current favs', Including lip liners, of course!

Now we have, a popular option and I know a lot of you already have it, but a lot of ladies may not have ventured into it yet. Yerp, the classic red. RubyRoo by MAC. RUBYROO is great but, yes a but, it can get very flaky and transfers easily. Maybe it's just on me but I have heard this from other women too, so be warned! Apart from that and moisturising your lips before using it, I'd say it is a fantastic colour that can make your look go from chill to 'saucay' real quick.

Next up we have a really dark plum from The Topshop makeup range. Say hello to 'RUTHLESS' Now this lippie is a little bit of a struggle, let me not lie. It didn't even turn out great in the shot, but it is a hit and miss. The formula is quite sheer and you have to smack on a good few layers before it looks opaque. My suggestions, wear a dark lip liner under it, apply all over the lip so you have a nice even base to work with. The liner I used and use normally is just below......

......It is BLACKBERRY by Sleek. They do great lip liners for very affordable prices too.

We have colour 240 from the Color Crush range, by Body Shop in the line up now. This is it without any lip liners or other crayons/lipsticks mixed in. The finish is quite glossy and opaque. it's very mixable too. It's a very wearable purple. 

 And here is another purple for you, only this time, it's matte. EXXXAGGERATE is another Sleek lippie, which I do really like for so many reasons. The main one being, it's matte but not drying on the lips. And yes that is how they spell it! I'm wearing it without any liners here and that is usually how I prefer wearing it.

Drum roll please...............
Enter, Charlotte Tilbury's LOST CHERRY. Now this is really the whole point of this post, to let y'all see that not every lipstick will look great at first swatch. I never wear this without some form of liner, usually a brown liner, or base. Don't get me wrong the shade and formula are amazing, much like the rest of the collection, but jheeze it's so bright and unflattering.
The other half of my face wasn't pleased with this swatch.

So here is the same lipstick, but with a brown lip liner. My friends comment "Wow, looks like a totally different lipstick" and indeed it does. How it transfers will depend on your skin tone though, I am dark but I see this looking like the perfect summer pink for a woman of lighter complexion.
Something I will say about the brightness of the lipstick is that it is very mixable, it goes well with so many other lipsticks and liners and still holds its colour and pigment. I do wear it often and like to experiment with it, just not on it's own.

Next we have 34 LA RAFFINEE by Chanel from the Rouge Allure Velvet range. When I received this as a gift for Christmas, best believe I got excited, super excited, one could even say gassed. It is a subtle nude-pink and it is gorgeous. It would be suited as an every day pink. Here I am wearing it without a liner and I like it. Because the formula isn't so heavy and quite silky, it doesn't show up opaque. Even though it's quite sheer, it lasts ages. Like I mentioned before, I'm quiet dark so if this is working for me, then it is bound to work for you. I think I will be purchasing some more Chanel lippies in the future.

*Side note- if you do decide to buy this and it looks 'higgy-haggy' try a dark brown/nude liner, my favourite that works for pretty much everything is Chestnut by MAC, which is featured a couple times in this post as the 'brown lip liner'!

Here is the brown lipliner I used.  CHESTNUT by MAC.

So saving the best for last, one of my favourites, VERVE by MAC. I wear this a lot, like a lot a lot. Hence why it's almost finished. It is great to just throw on and is MY perfect nude. The pigment is alright, not too sheer but buildable. Ladies this is a 'smack it on and leave kinda lipstick' It doesn't make too much of a statement but still looks great.

Without lip liner

With Brown lip liner

So we have come to the end and I really do hope that this has helped some of you lovely ladies out there. If you want anymore swatches, new lines or old ranges, let me know. Feel free to comment, share and let me know what your favourite lipsticks are.

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x

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