7 April 2016

OOTD: Ebay Purchase

Hey guys,
I had a party to attend some time ago and I had no dresses at uni with my, but my purse was not willing to stretch open, so I resorted to Ebay. My house mate said she was an experienced Ebay shopper and assured me that I could find something cute and cheap. Low and behold, I did in fact find something!

I was very sceptical at first, hearing stories about clothes from Ebay arriving and looking nothing like the pictures and I didn't have time to do the whole 'return and try find something else' palava. It took me a while to find something that suited the party theme, and I must admit, once I saw this dress I was hopeful. 

Just a little review, the material that was advertised isn't what it turned out to be, which wasn't bad it just fell differently, less drape/soft flows and more slinky and heavy. It still moved nicely when I walked though. The next thing I would say is that the lace part of the dress isn't the best quality but hey it's Ebay so pretty decent. I would size down if I had to repurchase. 
One last thing, the slit reached all the way up to my hip *insert awkward eyes emoji*. I'm really not about this new intensely high slit trend going on, it's just too much skin for me! I had to close up some of the slit seen as I wasn't about to have myself on display like that. 

The dress has a quarter length sleeve and a V neck line. The waist band came separate to the dress and I had to tie it round. 

Just about to bust a move!
The seller is called prettylilthings67-uk
So that was my Ebay experience and It wasn't all that bad, hope you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by.

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x

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