23 May 2015

Season changers

Well hello there strangers,
So seasons are changing, things are getting a little hotter, but us Brits aren't getting too excited because, well the weather has a tendency to switch up on us!
With Spring/Summer here, a change of wardrobe is always advised. 
(and all the Shopaholics scream yassss!!!!)
Before the seasons get well on their way, I'm just going share some new season trends & essentials to vamp up that winter wardrobe. 
First things first, ditch those thick jumpers & if you're British switch up for light jumpers or high neck tops. 
TOPSHOP have a nice collection of knitwear & you're bound to find some gems in there, like THIS, light & trendy V neck jumper that can be easily paired with some tapered trousers. 

The next season changers & my essentials are cotton shirts. ooo how I adore cotton shirts. They're easy to throw on, style & maintain, plus if you're into the relaxed look then these are a great switch up for you!
H&M have some great ones that are £15 & at ZARA too, basically cotton shirts never really go out of style!

The next style switch are trousers, even though they have made a consistent feature through winter, they are perfect for spring and summer.  Trousers come in such a wide variety but tapered/fitted trousers are the bomb diggidy although flared/wide leg trousers are where it's at right now! This summer is really adopting the 70's & Coachella kinda vibe.

Now honestly, I used to hate this style, but mainly because I couldn't rock it. Then I tried on some high waisted cream trousers from AQ/AQ, & I was sold, even though I didn't buy them. I was now on the band wagon. ZARA are really pioneering the look this season & I love their take on it, with the chilled and relaxed, loose leg. Perfect for a day look and for when the weather decides to get hot!!!!! Added bonus they suit pretty much every shape and size, either framing your figure or hiding the bit that we want to be less visible.

Next up on my list are #stripes! Now I know this is very broad but every on-line store I've been on has had stripes for the season & it's not uncommon this time of year to get your nautical stripes on. TOPSHOP have devoted a whole style section to it called 'Stripe up your life'. I am yet to buy a striped piece myself, but don't you worry, once exam season passes, I'll be engaging in a serious seasonal wardrobe overhaul. I'm actually loving these Trousers from TOPSHOP, would be a great holiday/summer piece. What'd you guys think!

So if you're not bored by this point, I have a particular favourite of mine to share. White denim! Guys I kid you not, I think I have a small problem when it comes to white pieces of clothing, but denim is a whole other level. It is a colour that I'm weary of and love. So bold, daring and yet clean and effortless. Take a look at a few of these items and feel the coolness. A pair of MOM jeans, JACKET  from Topshop and these cool DUNGAREES from Zara, also these PALAZZO pants from boohoo, which may be a future purchase.

Hats are another statement piece that are either a hit and miss depending on head shape mostly.Take me, I can't wear beanie hats, at all and I had to learn the hard way, maybe one day but right now, the hats for me are Fedoras. WIDE BRIM hats are all the rag and FEDORA hats are my fav's.

Kimono season came in a flood last year and it's carried on through to this year. Here are a few nicely priced ones for you. They're all from ASOS, we have the tribal- inspired KIMONO, the black 'n' white grunge KIMONO and last but not least the dainty white crotchet KIMONO.

Obviously there are the known summer essentials, like sun dresses, sandals and shorts if the weather is actually hot enough.

Most of these items are not yet in my wardrobe but they shall be very soon (she says with a wide grin).

Sorry for the lack of pictures, and real life action, lol. To be honest, sorry for the lack of posts too, you see  exam season in uni' has just passed and I put a lot on hold and as a Law undergraduate, it got kinda deep but rest assured I have many many lovely posts coming 'through the pipe line'!

Please do share any other summer switch ups that I've missed or should get to know.

Peace and Love.
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x Stitched Roses x

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