28 May 2015

OOTD: Sunday Denim

Hello there,
So usually for church I don't get too dolled up, even though I do try, but today was a nice morning, without rain or wind and I figured why not.
As you may notice I have a different hair style from before, if you didn't notice, then, I'll let you know, I got my hair done ! They're crotchet braids and so big and it's taking me a while to get used to going from small bun to big poof/afro. 
Okay straight on to the pictures we go!

Natural hair goals- sorta!

Say Cheese and biscuits. 

The SKIRT is from Missguided and I love the long-line element but warning it does ride up to about the knees so you may have to size up or maybe try a similar one HERE

The washed denim shirt is H&M but from about 3 years ago so that being said this exact one probably won't be in stock but HERE is a similar one, that I would probably buy as a replacement for this.

I decided to wear flats, well because, honestly, I really wasn't prepared to wear heels and these flats are so comfortable and so cheap, they're not the best quality but for plain black flats that are actually hard to find, Primark did a decent job. (the hunt will continue for sturdy plain flats, if you know of any, please feel free to help a sista out with that information) 

The bag is from a shop I'm going to call 'thrift market'. This is because it was thrifted by my dad about 3 years ago from a Sunday market, but it does remind me of a Zara TRF collection bag, simple and versatile. 

Finally the choker is from the New Look sale and it was a super bargain. There are loads of them HERE, but the exact one comes in a pack of two HERE
Hope you enjoyed!!

Peace and Love readers.
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