12 February 2015

Review: Charlotte Tilbury Lips

Hi guys,
So today I'm doing my first review.
Charlotte Tilbury is, well amazing! From just walking by the counter I could tell that the brand was a good en'.
Being the person I am, I wasn't going to buy anything for myself because it just wasn't in the cards lol, but for Christmas my friend, got me a lipstick from the matte revolution line and omds, it is the bomb.com!

I got the colour 'lost cherry', which is a subtle hot pink. Now pink isn't my usual colour but I was pleasantly surprised.

The formula is matte but not drying, and almost feels like a satin formula. A 'cashmere-cream texture'.
It glides on and is very pigmented, vibrant and not over bearing.

It looks great on my skin tone, which means it would look great on darker skin tones and look even brighter on fairer tones. I would recommend it as a nice pink for dark skin tones. It also knocks back nicely to an everyday sort-of look.

I love the packaging as well, the deep maroon looking red with gold accents and writing. It looks so simple and yet so 'expensive'.

The actual lip tube is a gold ribbed container which I think looks so cool. It's unique and bold.

These lipsticks are great all-in-all and I would definitely purchase more of Charlotte Tilbury products, especially this line. I could go on and on but that'd be way to long. Like I said before, the bomb.com and I would highly recommend a cheeky little purchase! 

Peace and Love readers.
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x Stitched Roses x

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