24 June 2014

Trench & Bowlers

Hey guys!

Summer is officially here and I AM EXCITED. I have a lot planned and a lot has happened since my last post ( like a thousand years ago, my bad). I will not fail to update all ya'll who are out there,tuned in.

Down to business...
I wanted a couple of nice summer staples this year and it took me a while to decide what I fancied, till I had to throw away an OLD black trench coat, then I felt like it was only right to replace it.

I felt one would be on trend & perfect for summer instead of leather jackets or nothing at all, which is dangerous because the British weather is often bipolar.

I found one in HnM for £29.99 and I treated myself to a birthday present! It went on sale after i bought it and quickly sold out but there is a very similar one HERE. I really like it and the colour is so fresh and light which really makes sense for summer. It cuts off at the knees and actually covers the full length of my arms. (please tell me I'm not the only one who's arms are weirdly long) The collar is a round waterfall kind of drape, with press buttons/tabs and not actually buttons.

Guys ignore the random dates in the corner, clearly my camera needs help lol 

I cannot wait to style this summer key peace and just throw it on whenever needs be. 
Oh and the bowler hat is from Primark for £8 but can be found at TOPSHOP. Such a cool and easy accessory!
Hope everyone is fully prepped and ready for summer?

                                                           x Stitched Roses x


  1. Well done Nai! Proud of you :)x

  2. Thanks Tosin (actually means a lot *blushing*)