24 June 2014

Catch up..

Hey guys,
 So if any of you noticed, I was gone for a while,which is very bad blogger etiquette. My apologies. Exams season got intense pretty fast and gradually I couldn't allow myself to get lost in the world of blogging. So setting my priorities I put exams first. BUT that's all over now!!

Finished my last set of college exams and now I play the waiting game that will open up the window to the next chapter of my life.


No more exams and summer is here. 
I turned 18 in the beginning of June.
Started hitting the gym(exams really ,messed my system up)
Got my offers from uni's, hopefully going to one in London this September 
I have started designing properly again and I have a few ventures in the pipeline*wink face*
To mark the end of exams I went to an AWESOME concert called #EMfest in Manchester
Check them out:  ETERNAL MINDS

I no longer have my kinky braids(which means no more awkward dread lock comments)

I'm going to see Sam Smith in October. (if you don't already know,check him out,great set of vocals on him)

I plan on having fun, laughing so much and just enjoying the last official holiday before I move away!

Have you guys got anything exciting planned for this summer? ^_^

                                                         x Stitched Roses x 

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