27 June 2014

OOTD: Red Pleats

Hey guys,

This is just a straight forward outfit of the day! It was my friend Graciie's birthday on the 24th so we all went round and had a little partay!
I admit I was feeling a little blue that morning so I thought, seen as I don't feel good, I might as well try to look good. It's something very new I'm trying. Usually when (us ladies especially) we feel 'blahh' we tend to dress blahh, which is comfortable for the day but doesn't really help boost your confidence or your mood. I got thinking if you take time to look nice or put some 'shazzam!!' in your outfit, you'll feel a little better and brighter and people often respond to that!!

The skirt is from Zara that looks like leather but is just polyester(surprised ?) It's not in stores anymore because I bought it on sale last year summer but there is one HERE and there are loads of skirts this style at TOPSHOP.

My Brogues are from office. 

One of the normal shots of me laughing awkwardly
I'm loving my chunky and funky belt lol
The belt is from Primark in the men section, £3
Long sleeved T, completely forgotten. It's like 6 years old!
Black chain from forever 21

                                                           x Stitched Roses x


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