21 May 2014

Save Our Girls

In Nigeria there have been some horrific tragedies that involve a terrorist group. They've been attacking cities and villages for a while now but the one that has got a lot of media attention is the kidnapping of over 200 young school girls. Nobody knows where they are, even though a few escaped. Recently they have bombed an area in Jos, 2 bombs around 30 minutes apart. These atrocities are so disheartening to hear and see.

It's crazy how people would do such things to those more vulnerable than they are. It's a scary thought to think that this is happening in my home country and I honestly don't know how they'll get those young woman back or how the government will help the situation, but there is a lot of media surrounding the situation and there a some campaigns and organisations having petitions and other such things.

Below is a link to one of the petitions to bring our girls back. It's hosted by change.org.
Please help save

Take 5 minutes out of your day, sign something that could potentially kick start something amazing and give some recognition to a difficult situation.
Everybody deserves to have freedom and know that they can live safely and in peace.

keep them in thought and prayers guys.

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