23 April 2014

Spring & Summer lips

So I believe that every girl has there own thing when it comes to makeup, some more than others but my 'thing' is definitely lipstick!! I'm not a massive fan of eye shadow because it leaves my eyes sore and itchy but lips... well that I can do
 I have a growing collection and I noticed that I only wear certain colours more regularly in spring and summer!
 I've included some of my crayon lipsticks as lip tints too(for that special lady  who asked).

                                                       The first one is my orange lip tint
                   Both tints make good everyday alternatives to nudes and subtle pinks.
I was trying really hard to pose lol


                                                           My purple/ deep red tint

The pigment on these tints aren'tvery strong

                         This is from collection, a drugstore brand, It's called Perri

This is from No7, called Grace 
This is my summer favourite, Fandango Purple from Sleeks Matte me range!!
My weird grin!
All the lipsticks apart from the tints are available at good drugstores.
Lipstick is certainly the makeup that I reach for when I go shopping. Some say my collection is a little excessive but hey ho.
If anyone has any favourite lipsticks for this season and summer, please spread the joy and share with me ^_^
x Stitched Roses x

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