29 April 2014

OOTD:Yellow Easter

Over the Easter break, I went to a christian conference with a bunch of my friends and it was AWESOME! (stress the awesome lol)

It is always over the Easter weekend so we had made it tradition to get dressed up for the day or as we have started calling it 'Turning up for Jesus'.

I felt like yellow was such  nice spring/Easter colour so i suggested it for the rest of my choir folks, who weren't best pleased but we looked good in the end.
I don't know why but yellow just always reminds me of easter and spring, along with baby blue and pastel pink..hmmm spring.
I can smell the freshly cut grass and planted flowers now!

The skirt is one of my designs but I had no time to make it so I commissioned my aunt/tailor to help me get the job done in time.

It is a 50's Inspired pencil skirt. Very high waist,below the knee and a lirrle side slit for that extra 'something'.

My overly excited director instructed me to climb the stairs in slow motion. 

The court heels I am wearing are from New Look and the amazing velvet top from my friend, who was also my 'director' and photographer for the day. Thanks geegee ;)

                                                               x Stitched Roses x


  1. Good gosh you look stunning!! Those twists are frickin epic, I'm not even joking, or you know when people just say stuff for the sake of it..no...I actually love this entire look!


    1. Thank you sooo so much, really appreciate it.