1 April 2014

Hmmm lips...

Hey there,

I have a nice growing collection and like to search for new random brands, when I came across a D.I.Y lipstick.
Crayon lipsticks. At first I thought people were crazy, why put crayola pink on your lips!!
After doing some research into it with the help of  Ms Toi, I decided it would be something fun to try and definitely wouldn't hurt to do so.

Reading her blog and watching her video,  I discovered that some lipsticks have led bases and I know too much led exposure is bad for you. After reading the FDA list too I was slightly shocked but not so shocked as to throw out my lipstick.

I still made a few shades of crayola lipstick/lip tints and it was a little bit of fun, with some friends during the day.

The basics
If you want to try, You'll need:
 Some good crayons,
 A glass bowl or Pyrex (something that doesn't melt in heat)
Oil(s)- I preferred to use just coconut oil but caster oil and others can work too
Something to stir with- I used chop sticks
A Teaspoon
and some small containers to put it in.

Pick some colours, either using half or a full stick

I chose yellow orange/red orange
 Add a tsp or 1/2 a tsp of your chosen oil

Luuurve the smell of this oil !

Now to heat it up. We place the bowl in a pot/pan with some hot water (make sure the cooker is on a low/medium heat if you do try this, don't want boiling water everywhere).
Keep stirring till the crayon is completely melted.

 That took about 3 minutes.I took the bowl out and poured the mixture into the small containers.

We Covered them up and left them in the fridge for ages, but it should only take 15 minutes.

We made 2 more shades:
Yellow,Brown,red and white to make the subtle nude
Red violet and Violet red for the other.

Loads of ladies have tried this and I am not the first to give it a go!

MS Toi's youtube page:

Her blog and FDA list:

                                                                x Stitched Roses x


  1. Could you show this applied on your lips? It would be nice to see how it looks "on" ��

  2. Yeah,^_^ I'll be putting them up in a spring colours post soon. so watch out