21 March 2014

Mama Jeans.

Mama jeans have been 'in' for a while and once they started selling them in Top Shop I felt like I needed a pair, just not for the price it was being sold for.
I started on a hunt for a more vintage pair but I gave up and wondered into the market to see if I could grab anything nice and niche.

I spotted a pair of straight leg, light wash jeans and I got a vision. I could turn these bad boys into mama jeans!! And so it came to being. I instantly bought a pair, at £3 I didn't really have to think about the implications on my purse.

They were a pair of light wash, slightly distressed, straight leg men's jeans, which didn't look very attractive at first.
The before shot ( I purchased a new pair to jazz up again!)

Steps I took:

I measured from my knee to my ankles and the same for the jeans, from the ankle to the bottom hem.

I sewed on an inward slant from the knee to the end,on the outward leg seam, so it made a large triangle. I cut of the excess denim and repeated this for the other leg.

It took about 2 tries on both legs to get them equal. Small tip measure your calf width first and measure this up with the bottom of of the jeans.

The bottom hem folded up
If the bottom hem is too small and you can't fit your foot in make a small cut on the inside leg seam, of 2 centimetres and top stitch over to stop the ends from fraying.

It took some balance to stay on that ledge.

They are rather big on the waist but I don't mind, because they cost £3..........

                                                                  x Stitched Roses x

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