4 March 2014

Loving my Leather

Leather seems to be a material that is always in style. Whatever season, in so many dimensions. You can get anything from the casual leather jacket to a full leather body suits(although there aren't as many people walking around with those on).

Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Fall 2012 Ready-to-Wear
Hermès- Runway
It's one of those staples that has become an essential to any ones wardrobe, including mine.
Some months ago the leather trousers really came into their own, like every shop I looked in, I saw a pair, even in Primark! It's still a trend that's on going but I felt like I wanted something else apart from leather trousers.

So I made a leather skirt. I won't lie, it took me a good month or so, working with faux leather for the first time was a challenge and the lack of time and procrastination at it's finest, made it so much longer.
It went wrong at almost every stage but I got there in the end.

excuse the socks ^_^

The zip ( Better luck next time ey) 

 I didn't want just your average straight skirt so I added a few bits and bobs.
Like the slanting waist-line and the gold metal zip.
I tried to add 4 darts to shape it but it wasn't the best turn out.
The bottom hem lines don't match up, which wasn't intentional but I was told that it looks like I did it on purpose(I think they were being nice)

success: I actually finished and wore it whoop! whoop! 
Not so successful:The inside isn't neat and the hem isn't accurate.

All in all I enjoyed the challenge and I will definitely be making another but more structured very soon. So watch out for it!

Don't be afraid to comment,let me know what you think and any improvements for next time!
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