6 March 2014

#4oacts of generosity.

So lent started yesterday and usually every year I give something up.
Now I don't always see it through till the end but I do give it a good old try.
Last year I gave up chocolate, sweets and only drank water and green teas. I can freely admit that the chocolate one didn't last, I tried, I really did but after a week my cravings just shot up and, well I gave in. BUT I stuck to the rest and I was better for it.I thank God I did because I felt accomplished after, like I had gone through a sacrifice that let me see just a little of what Jesus had to go through (although I didn't exactly walk through the desert and wilderness but you get my drift)

This year my good friend Tosin, gave me this idea to do something different. It was the 40 acts of generosity challenge,which meant that you'd add to yourself but not give anything up. I hadn't thought of anything to do this year so I figured why not.

Reading through it, it looked like a fun, easy and great way to spend lent. It's day 2 and today I was asked to make a generosity jar, like a penny jar, to put spare change in and use to bless someone else later on during  Easter.

I am weirdly excited to fill it and see who it blesses. You never know it could be you!!

Try it out, It's much easier than abstaining from all things sweet and tasty and you'll learn something along the way. It's not too late to start

The challenge: http://40acts.org.uk/the-challenge/
My friends blog: loudlolalabel.blogspot.co.uk

                                                           x Stitched Roses x

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