11 March 2014

Just one shade of blue..

Hey guys
So I'm an art student and every so often we get to go on research trips. They aren't very thrilling but it's a great day out and you gain loads.

This time around we went to Liverpool and Manchester,in ONE day!! (I was so drained afterwards)
The weather was a little cold and windy so I saw this as a perfect opportunity to test drive my new car coat (over sized coat)

That orange background though O_0
I love Liverpool mainly for the architecture and landscape and that orange background!!

Coat - Primark, £10 (BARGAIN)
Shirt - Vintage ( My Fathers wardrobe, I claimed it a while back)
Shoes - Garage Shoes, £29.99

 I got a Scottish £5 note. This being the first time I'd seen one, I was very excited and didn't spend it for about 3 weeks!

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