12 January 2017

#TalkThursdays: Hello New Year, How'd you Do?

Hi guys,

We've entered a new year where gym memberships are being made, resolutions being broken(already), fresh stationary being bought and people are excited and anticipating what 2017 has to offer. I for one am excited to see what this year has in store and I just wanted to say a few things to kick it off......

 The whole world seems to want to forget 2016 in a hurry but we shouldn't despise last year. Even with the trials and all the bad news around, there were times of laughter, happiness, discovery and growth. Some have called it the year of growing pains(shout out to Simiallsmiles). When a baby is growing in the womb, the mother experiences discomfort, when the baby is about to be born, the mother will experience pains but when the pains stop, a bundle of joy is birthed! So don't blot 2016 from memory, but think on what happened that made you stronger, wiser, that one thing that has set you up nicely for whatever this year will bring.

Set them goals!! Not new years resolutions but goals. Long term things that you would like to see. 
I'm making the decision to set goals for every month, splitting them into categories, making REALISTIC strategies and working with what I've got. Not making too many for each month is the way forward for me, apart from this month where things just need to get done. 

Here's how my calendar is looking: Monthly Goals (will be made at the beginning of each month), Long Term Goals (not restricted to this year) and Short Term Goals (within the year). 

With each new month you can edit, roll over or make new goals, just be disciplined with fulfilling what you said you would( 'Let your YES be YES and your NO be NO' Matthew 5:37 ). Come 2018 you'll have achieved loads and hopefully be able to see the fruits of your labour. 
Remember at the end of the day goals are just that, goals, targets to work towards, ideals, desired results. They don't need to be rushed. 

Last thing.....
Be excited, anticipate the best. There is so much of the world to experience and so much life to be lived, it'd be a shame to waste it on worry and pessimism. The scriptures that come to mind, Jeremiah 29:11(basically read 3-23, love it) and Isaiah 43:19. Don't miss what God has in store for you(speaking to myself here too). 

I'm honestly so excited for this year, so much is happening, new seasons await, new chapters opening and old ones closing. I'm going to be sharing more and hopefully doing more and I plan on documenting it all!

Peace and Love guys.

x Stitched Roses x

P.S. Is anyone else excited for 2017, or is it just me?

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