30 September 2016

Deals Deals & More Deals!

Hi guys,

So because most students have resumed school or started university, a lot of high street stores are just handing out the discounts like it's apple juice(I really like apple juice). Earlier in the week, missguided had a 50% off everything sale! I apologies for not informing you earlier but there are still plenty of deals around to help you get your uni' wardrobe started. 

Kicking off with ASOS
I do love me some Asos and they always have 10% off for students which does come in handy throughout the year. A suggestion for you is to make a UNIDAYS account because they tend to offer deals and 20% on ASOS. 

Next up is BOOHOO
Even though Boohoo are really affordable, they do have 20% off for students right now, so get shopping. 

Next in line we have MISSGUIDED 
Yet again, there is 20% off everything for students and 99p delivery on orders over £30.

For your shoe game, OFFICE
They're having 20% off too and free delivery, which is a great bonus. 

In case you don't find anything on Office, PUBLIC DESIRE 
They also have 20% right now. If you're not a student, you can still get a nifty 15% off everything, but it ends tonight at MIDNIGHT, so hurry!

Now this one is a little different from the others but they're quite overlooked. 
Yeah, they've got a 50% off sale on, along with 25% for students. 

Another overlooked store is DP
Dorothy Perkins have good quality clothing and a 30% off everything sale. Not like they weren't super affordable before. 

Moving on to H&M
They have 20% off for students and 10% off if you shop over £60, with free delivery. You could stack up on basics for days!

NEWLOOK are offering 20% off as well.
They've also got 30% off for newsletter signups. That means updates and regular sale emails as well as a discounted shop. 

Just in case you didn't already know, Topshop have 10% off all year round. Every little helps. 

A couple of other suggestions for students, both new and returning. 

A lot of Unis have MICROSOFT programming for FREE, yes everything you need. So check with your uni before you go spending your pounds. 
AMAZON STUDENT is great for discounted books, home ware etc and super fast delivery. 
UNIDAYS is also great for all year round discounts.
EBAY is your friend, discounts and great value items to be found.
TASTECARD is good with 2 for 1 meals at nice restaurants. There are loads to pick from and you can eat like a king for way less.
 (SIDE NOTE* you can get these with some student accounts depending on your bank)
COACHCARD is good for those who like to go back home a lot or just like to travel and enjoy the scenery. 
Last but by no means least, the RAILCARD. This gets you a significant amount off train tickets. It gives you 1/3 off and if you live in London, it knocks the spending on your oyster card when you sync them together!! 
( ANOTHER SIDE NOTE* you can get these with certain banks as well, for free. Thank me later)

I hope you found this useful. Thanks for stopping by.

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x

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