6 February 2016

OOTDS: Very Berry

Hey there,
It has been a while since you've seen my face and in this post you don't actually see it but I bring 3 outfits to you. I love the colour burgundy and the colours that are similar to it and looking through my wardrobe I realised that I have a lot of items in that colour. So..... here is a post showcasing some of those pieces, almost like a 'my favourite colour of the past couple of months, styled in 3 outfits' but that would be a bit of a long winded title. 
*Side not, the format of my images has changed a little, I'm currently working out some kinks.

So I couldn't find most of these items online any more, but I put the names of the places I got them from and tried to include links for some alternatives.
Outfit No 1: Top- Newlook, Jeans- Topshop Jonis, Shoes- Primark but here is a pretty alternative from ASOS, Bracelet- H&M
Outfit No 2: Jumper dress- ASOS. I did mean to buy it from the 'Brave Soul' collection because I wanted it oversized but here is a cute alternative, again from ASOS. Long-line waistcoat- Newlook but it is out of stock online, they are likely to sell it in stores but if you want a similar one online then try THIS. It is very on trend as well. Boots- ASOS. Can you tell that I shop at Asos a lot?
Outfit No 3- Croptop- a similar one here from BOOHOO, Skirt- ZARA but a good few years ago and I honestly don't know where they sell these any more, but here is a really beautiful alternative, which is also a little more playful and layered, ASOS. Trainers- NIKE.

I really want to start being more consistent with my fashion posts and my DIY ones too. I'm going to get moving with it and try to bring some more content to the table, So stay tuned !

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x

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