27 December 2015

#TalkThursdays: Goals

Hey guys,

So it's fast approaching, the end of the year and people usually look back at the past year and ahead to the future.It's nice to be reflective and also see what the new year can bring.
At the beginning of 2015 I made a list of goals and things I'd like to do.

I'm just going to share a few of them with you, the successes, failures and things that'll be carried over. 

 Successful goals/things that actually happened:
~Get closer to my brother~
This was one of my first things from the start of the year. He's still young but remembering how I was at his age made me realise, it's better to build a relationship earlier rather than later. I really didn't want him to grow up feeling distant from me. We've definitely bonded a lot more and we talk regularly,even though he's still a loud,sometimes moody pre-teen.

~Go on holiday at least once a year~
Yes, this may is very cliché but I've had this urge to travel for a good couple of years now, and life's too short to not enjoy the world while I can. I went to Portugal with my friends and it was a great first experience. I plan to start in Europe then Asia and so on and so forth. Expect many pictures and cultural posts.

~Get into 2nd year and stick with my course~
Although it seems small, this was a goal because during the year, I found myself questioning if Law was really for me, I mean REALLY questioning. It just got a little bit too much. But I'm still here, holding it down, by God's grace.

Things that weren't so successful:
~Getting my own studio space~
I wanted my own studio space so I could make garments, have space to actually play about with designs etc. I started searching but soon found that studio's are expensive, which were way out of my budget and university wasn't letting up on time either. I would love my own space to experiment and make garments and just be free. Soon come though!

~African Fashion Week/ London Fashion Week~
I never got to go because I had another event on around the same time but this is one that is staying on the list. Why wouldn't you want to go to African fashion Week. The vibrant colours, the culture, music, just everything. The same goes for London Fashion Week, the way everyone looks so stylish, the amazing runway shows. Next year, I will be making an appearance.

Things staying on the list:
~More travel~
Staying on the list is travel, starting with the rest of Europe, so Oslo and France/Paris.

A stay at the St. Pancras Renaissance London hotel. Not for any particular reason just because it looks so grand.

~Launch the 'brand'~
So, I'm launching a branch, I don't think I've mentioned but I'm a budding designer, and I have a vision, which includes making a successful brand. This didn't happen this year but hopefully, by next year summer, I'll be launching, along with a friend! Exciting stuff.

New additions:
Even though I'm at uni', I'd like to be able to save a large amount. I'll be saving for a couple of things, which include the holidays I plan to go on(because those aren't free) and investing in the brand.

All these are just a few from the long list of goals and dreams I have. If you don't set goals or dream about things, especially things bigger than you, then what do you have to work/look forward too. I don't just want to go on auto-pilot through my education and get to the end to sit in a 9 to 5 with nothing else exciting. Nah, I want to live and experience the best of life!

Doing this kind of thing at the start of each year helps you set the pace at which you want things to move, obviously curve balls will always come about, so we leave room for those, but you have a good idea. They're not like New Years resolutions either, where you give up after 3 weeks, but you have the whole year to do whatever with them. Chop, change, move or even expand into a 5 year plan.

Give it a try, set goals, write down dreams in a place that you'll remember, make a wish list, because there's nothing wrong in having something to aim for and God cares about what matters to you and establishes your steps.

Feel free to share your goals, successes and failures of this year. Comment below or lets chat on social media, my twitter and instagram are below.

Peace and Love readers.
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x Stitched Roses x

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