3 December 2015

#TalkThursdays : Encouragement

Hey guys,
Today's post is just a little bit of encouragement for you, which helped me very recently too.

Psalm 37:23-24 (NCV)
When people's steps follow the Lord, God is pleased with their ways. 
If they stumble, they will not fall, because the Lord holds their hand. 

So sometimes you question, is God still there, am I doing the right thing, does he still love me? And the answer is yes, he's still there, still madly in love with you and is guiding your steps.

I went through a weird patch very recently and I had to try and retreat back into his presence and I got thinking. God is like an earthly father or guardian who is longing to know your business, watch you grow and be able to look at you with delight, because his daughter (or son) is doing good and he's proud of you. We are truly our own harshest critics, when you think because you slipped up you've lost God's attention and love, we're so so so wrong.
He wants to see us happy, he wants to see us thrive and live life to the full, so when you're walking and you hit a stumbling block, just know that you will get over it and succeed. 'He delights in every detail' is another translation. What matter to you matters to him, at the end of the day, your will is eventually going to be in line with his, so the desires and things you aspire to achieve are placed to give God glory. They're not just random, and when it comes to his glory, God will get it, one way or another, so things will work out.
Some versions say 'when a person's steps follow the Lord', if you and God are cool and you're maintaining your relationship then there should be nothing to worry about. Really just focus on following his word and try to walk as Jesus did, we try to emulate him, so do just that, while baring God in mind,always. If you keep God in you heart and mind, going completely off the road is less likely!

 Just because it seems like he doesn't hear or is ignoring you doesn't mean that's what's going on. You're heavenly  father won't just abandon you because he loves you with this unconditional, amazing and unending love. Abandonment isn't in the mix. Think of it this way, he's working in the background, orchestrating your destiny, putting things in place and setting up opportunities to show you just how much he loves you.

So when it all comes together you'll be able to see where he was coming from and appreciate him more. If we got things at a drop of a hat, we wouldn't value it as much. Let's face it. If we were made to wait in line to receive an amazing gift you'd been promised, but we had to wait for ages, you would start to question if you even want it. You start to question the integrity of the one who promised it to you. Meanwhile the gift is there waiting with your name on it and all you'd have to do is hold out in the line for a bit longer.

'They will not fall, because the Lord holds their hand'
Just another great example of how you can't fall because the one who wrote your destiny won't let you fall.
It's comforting to know that he has my back, creator of heaven and earth and everything in between. And yes he has your back too!
Remember he sees you, still loves you and is keeping you from falling further than where you've stumbled now.

Peace and Love readers.

x Stitched Roses x

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