29 October 2015

#TalkThursdays: Lets talk fashion trends!

Hey there lovelies,
So today's #TalkThursdays is fashion related, why?, because I like clothes, hehehe !
I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but Autumn and Spring are my fav seasons because you can still look cute and stylish and play around with layers and textures and not be overly hot (Summer) or shivering with cold (Winter).

There are a select collection of colours that are associated with Autumn, and they tend to be incorporated into the passing trends around the season and this year is no different. So, what we're gonna do is check out some trends for this Autumn, talk colour palettes and walk through a couple of staple pieces that will be interchangeable, on trend and be great for those chilly Autumn days. I'm going to TRY and mix it up for people with different styles and prices.

I'm starting with this because everyone NEEDS a good durable coat for the colder seasons and there's no rule against looking good while keeping warm. If you don't believe me check out some of this falls' runway shows. Chanel, Dries Van Noten and CK have exhibited some fab' dusters. 
 *not really going to keep anyone warm but it fits in with the current throwback trends, i.e. 70's.

Now fur is one of those things I don't really do, even faux fur, and honestly I don't know why because it does look good when I see it styled well but hey, each to their own right? The fur look is very chic when worn well and just looks warm and cosy,hmmmm. Prada have this down and if you want to look effortlessly chic with minimal effort, invest in a fur coat or piece. I appreciate that some people like real fur but faux fur, in my eyes, is the better option. Saves hassle and animals I guess. I'd say it's definitely a staple piece too.
*notice the deep red here, yerp autumn palette alert!
*That 70's influence coming through here and in collections from Valentino.

Onto a colour of Autumn, burgundy or dark reds, berry, ox, maroon. Call them what you will, they just have that Autumny feel. Just to clarify, this isn't the only Autumn colour, in fact mustard is a rather big one but the deep reds and burgundy colours are my favourite. It's as if once the leaves begin to fall, the stores stock up on all things burgundy. It is indeed a great colour, very warm and rich in tone and emulates the luscious colours of the leaves that pave the floors around this time of year. 
*These are for men and are a little bulky but they would make for great collection to the chunky/ugly shoe trend. And yes, I kinda want them!
*Another masculine piece.
*Now side note, high waisted trousers have been a thing since spring, but they're still in and can take you from casual to 'boss lady' in an instant.

Here is another colour of Autumn, which I didn't notice before but it appears to be everywhere I look. Khaki and Olive for me are essentially the same thing but one has more saturation/depth of that murky green colour.(If you guys know the difference, please enlighten me) I think that this colour is so fitting for Autumn, I honestly don't even know what it is about it but it just works and is a nice way to add tones and colours to your wardrobe, as people often go for muted tones in colder months.

The slip dress has come back with vengeance, being stocked in so many high street stores now. I used to think they looked like sleep/lounge wear but it just goes to show how styles change and how 'flowly' people are with what they like. Celine and Rag & Bone make it look so beautiful on the runway.

A trend that is really bringing sexy back is the thigh high boots. They just add extra 'va va voom' to an outfit, hence why I'd call them a staple piece. Plus they'll keep your feet, ankles and legs warm. But let us not forget about the old faithful knee high boots, keeping us cosy and sturdy from way back when, also a staple.
These boots also add a touch of 70's/80's twist to your style because of the suede material they're often made in.

Grey is also a simple and just almost automatic colour for autumn. It almost acts like a base colour for layering. I'm not going to add links because that would just be a little too much. However grey pieces aren't hard to find at all.

Plaid is another one where I feel I don't have to put loads of links up because you can find them just about anywhere. The whole lumberjack feel is great for this time of year because it adds texture and breaks up what could have been a plain outfit. Whether you stick with the classic reds, or sway off to greens, blues or greys, plaid will always be plaid.

Turtle necks basically just save you from wearing scarves and keep your voice box warm, need I say more?I shall just place a couple of turtle necks here, so you can look and see how amazing and versatile they really are! Just take a good browse.

So guys, this is the end of my rather long Autumn trends/fashion talk type post. I hope you enjoyed it, if you carried on this far, and really hope you got some tips, inspiration and a full shopping baskets after this. 
If you have any questions or trends you want to share with me then contact me or leave a comment down below. Till next time.

Peace and Love readers.
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