9 September 2015

My Current Favs'

Hello there,
I know everyone usually does monthly favourites but I don't like to change up things too much, especially when it comes to beauty & skin care, but every couple of months I get something new or something that I repurchase & today is the day I share some with you guys! Oh & I've got a few other bits and bobs for ya!


Miceller Water by GARNIER is totally worth the hype! Now I know people have been talking about this for a while now & even more so recently but I've been using this product for about a year now & I don't really want to go back! I believe it's actually worth the hype & it's great for sensitive skin & removes make up so well, although I often use it as a pre-cleaner. If you often react and break out trying new products then I'd say try this, it's most likely going to leave you clean and without breakout! It has no sent and doesn't leave a weird oily residue on your face like some cleansers tend to. Also, did I mention the packaging. There's just something simple and cute about it, especially there new travel size bottles.

Next is the Original Beauty Blender. I also have the beauty blender from Real Techniques, but I wanted to try out the original. It definitely does make a difference & puts my concealer on great, wastes less product & expands more but I still find the Real Techniques blender good as well.

The Zoeva brushes, Oh the Zoeva brushes are something else. I got the classic eye brush set & I'm definitely loving them. They look so sleek and simple & I love how some of the brushes have brush covers which is very important to me. The actual brushes are quite nice and do a good job, but because they're white, they are a little difficult to keep completely clean. 


I love listening to different types of music but there are some that are a constant for me. I'm going to share some of my fav' sound cloud hero's and the songs that keep me tuned in!
Shakka is one of them and one of my favourite songs of his right now is 'When will I see you'. Take a listen HERE.
He's consistently good and his older music is just as good as his new stuff.

Another fav' is Classy D, he usually makes beats and produces music , he also sings which is an added bonus when he features on some of the tracks. A little gem of many in the hemisphere of sound cloud! HERE is a sample from him.

A track I love listening to to calm me down and get me thinking is Jehreeus- God on my mind, HERE! It's a seriously good listen and has some great vocals so go check it out.

Last but certainly not least is Angel. If you guys don't know, please get to know! This right here is a TUNE.

. Simply Feli .

. Ugly Face of Beauty .

. Melissa's Wardrobe .


These cool sunglasses are from H&M Men's. It was about £7. They're just so snazzy and the tint on the lenses are a weird metallic, pink hue! Great for holiday vibes and they made for a key piece when I went on holiday and even when there was a little sun left over in Britain..

These are my babies, my Pro Markers. I got these as a gift but they have been a favourite of mine for about a year now. I use them for my designs and sketches and they have really great 'stroke marks' and the pigments are strong AND the most important thing is they layer well. Only thing with Pro Markers is that you'll need good paper that won't let the colours bleed through! If you're into graphics or rendering or just like to experiment with arts and crafts, try these, they're worth the investment. They're sold in places like hobby craft or on eBay!

My fav book at the moment is 'Noughts & Crosses' by Malorie Blackman. Now this is an excellent read. It's so well written and executed with such creativity and holds some great ideas. I won't go spoiling it for you but if you like books that you can get lost in and make you think then I highly recommend it along with the rest of the series. Amazon have all four HERE.

So I'm very picky when it comes to smells and it takes me a while to adapt to a new one but this summer, I decided to buy a summer fragrance for my holiday. It was a challenge but I found a nice fruity one from Vera Wang, Princess Power. This isn't usually what I'd go for but it was on sale and smelt of summer (not a great description of the it but that's the best I can do lol). The only thing with this is that it doesn't last very long so I had to carry it around with me for when it faded. Apart from that, great fruity smell. It was from the Fragrance shop, but I'm sure it can be bought in any fragrance store.

Hope you enjoyed the read and the good music!

 Peace and Love readers.
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