6 August 2015

2 steps forward, 10 back

Hey guys and dolls,

So I'm starting a little something where we talks on Thursdays so 'talky Thursdays' if you will. I can talk a lot but I often keep things to my self or in my journal, or if you're close to me, I'll lay it out for you every so often. But sometimes the little nuggets of knowledge and insight I gain, I want to share with more people because someone out there may need it as much as I did. So here's a chance for us to maybe get to know each other a little?, or even share together! 

Today, my first 'instalment' is being stationary in life!

Ever feel like, in life, you move 2 steps forward, you grow, you develop, become a better version of you. Then you get knocked 10 steps back by a curve ball. This applies to all aspects of life, in education, in careers even just in social life, health and relationships. The strange thing is, it can go from one single minor set back to full blown crashing walls and everything falling apart all at once, and it gets difficult to find a 'silver lining' and then the feeling of being deflated and defeated kicks in!

Yeah, well if you've never felt this way or anything similar to this then kudos to you, but as for me, even as someone who loves God, I still get these moments from time to time and the last episode of this wasn't that long ago, but the difference between this and others was that I learnt how to overcome it, I learnt how to control a few of the sporadic emotions and learnt to find comfort in God!

A side note this post is for everyone, those who have some form of faith and those who don't, it's all love from this end! 

When it comes to being knocked 10 steps back, there a few things you could bare in mind and these are things that I've come across and I'm learning to adopt and having just one or two of them in the bag will make all the difference!

- Go easy on yourself! I feel like this is an incredibly important one. If you don't let yourself make mistakes or give yourself time to be you, you'll end up being your own harshest critic and not allowing yourself to make mistakes means you won't be able to let yourself be free. It's not everyday be perfect, some days try and be normal....

- Something similar is acceptance. You've got to accept what life has thrown at you and that you are indeed human. A human who is subject to emotions and change, so embrace it!

- Find your true friends, your 'woes', your 'homies' (too much? lol). Keeping people around you that truly care will go a long way.

-Close to the previous point, find a special somebody to be accountable to. Accountability is when you have one or more persons that you pretty much tell it all to and you give them permission to tell you off, correct you etc. Essentially you're giving them the responsibility of being your right wing man/woman! This is something I've found to be VERY helpful, seen as I'm so stubborn it helps to have someone I love and respect enough to correct me! (Having a mentor would also do the trick)

-One for me personally is praying about it. When I pray about something that's really getting me, I usually get a sense of peace and the feeling that someone else has your back constantly and knowing that God says it'll all work out in the end, makes me happy and takes so much weight off my shoulders.

- A great one from a friend is learn to adapt! Yes adaptability skills are important, on and off of your CV! If you learn how to adapt to situations, you're more likely to become more fluid with things, a 'go with the flow' kinda person. Things will slide of your back more easily and you should find that situations in life are but for a moment and will eventually pass!

-Make a game plan. Albert Einstein said "Insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result". If you notice bad patterns or habits that often lead to the rough patches or the feeling of going backwards, don't do the same things over and over again, instead make a game plan, make goals, have something to work towards and see if change can't make things better!

Last but not least.....

- Allow time heal, make time for reflection!

I really hope this post has helped someone out there and remember it's not all doom and gloom! If you have any more questions or have any more tips for me, them drop a comment or send me an email on stitched.roses@gmail.com

Also let me know what you all think about #TalkThursdays, if y'all like it, we'll keep it up !!!

 Peace and Love readers.
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