23 July 2015

OOTD: Birthday Turn Up!

Hello there,
So my birthday just passed, I say that, it was in early June so a little late, but I had a small shindig with a few of my friends in Manchester. Nothing fancy but me being me, I wanted to dress up and as it so happens, I'd been feeling the all white trend! As you could probably guess, I was overdressed but hey it was my birthday!

I don't know what I'm looking at but hey, made for a good shot! 

The cheeky slit in the top adds a little something

I had such an amazing day and week if I'm being honest, felt so much love. Even though it's a late, thank you to everyone who made my week and took time out to make things a little more special. 

The trousers are from BOOHOO, as unappealing as they look online, they are so comfy and high waisted but I'd suggest sizing down and if you've got long legs, either be ready to D.I.Y the hem, cutting it open a little or buying the other many Pallazoo/wide leg style trousers they have to offer.  
The top is from TOPSHOP, which is out of stock online, but there's a link anyway just in case!
 Accessories from FOREVER 21 and shoes from PRIMARK.

 Peace and Love readers.
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x Stitched Roses x

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