12 August 2014

August favorites

Well hello there,
There have been a lot of things that I've been loving this month and in July, if I think about it,so I guess it's technically July/August. I figured I'd share.

My body shop products. The Vitamin c daily moisturiser is a great little gem that has SPF in it and it doesn't give you the blue tint. It's light and lasts ages.I'm looking to get the microdermabrasion product too.
Then the Instablur perfector  is a really nice gently product that makes my skin look smooth and even. It totally controls my shine, that's so important because I can get super shiny. 

Hair wise, these two fairly new products have been doing a great job for my natural hair. I've only used them about 3 times due to my hair routine but I have nothing but good reviews so far, we shall see if they continue.I recommend the shampoo if you want something that will fully clean/strip your hair of all the build up .
Vintage bag that is just aaammazzin!!

So here we have a vintage bag which is like a boxy kind of bag. Its got structure and sooo much space. I literally throw everything into it and I'm good to go.

Nude lipstick is hard to find, for me anyways, so when my aunt gave me the number 8 in the Kate rimmel collection, I was a very happy bunny!
I'll link it right HERE. Its a pinky nude.

And last but by no means the least. Lancomes' Bi-facil eye makeup remover. This bad boy is awesome! You can get it from Feelunique.com. I have sensitive eyes and every other remover makes them itch and burn, but not this! As you can see it's empty which means repurchasing is in order. 

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