17 July 2014

D.I.Y: mmm mustard

Hey beautiful people,

In my room I have loads of little storage areas that hold a selection of random materials. My dad, bless him, just goes out and comes back with a bag full and I don't even know what half of them are.

In one of those many bags I found this weird polyester, chiffon type fabric in mustard, I loved it because it wasn't too bold and had a funny texture.
It then dawned on me that a swing/shift dress in this colour for summer would be nice, especially seen as any shift dress I try on looks like a t-shirt because of my height.

It was a new one for me and such slippery material to work with, BUT we thank God, it got there in the end.

Here I just wore it in all it's simplistic glory.Some tights and my new favorite items, cut out boots from office. These boots are just great, after I broke them in that is. They will definitely be making an appearance in my summer wardrobe more often and they'll be included in my up coming favorites post.

look matching with a little ladybug

Had some fun/random moments while taking pictures

Here are my new favorite booties

The back of the dress is a scooping low back, but this is where I went a little wrong. The back was a little too low so when I recreate this dress again I'll be keeping it in mind. 


                                                             x Stitched Roses x

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