31 March 2017

#TalkThursday: Am I Worth It?

So guys, 
Today we're getting a little personal, I'll be sharing something that has shaped how I think and act. I hope you enjoy and on some level relate. Let's get talking!

In primary school I was having playground beef, as you do, and someone said the ONLY way anyone could love me, would be if they got to know my personality. The way this cut me was too real. Now he wasn't saying I had a great personality, he was pointing at the fact that I was, to him unattractive and aesthetically displeasing. 

This left me feeling like I wasn't beautiful,lovely or worth it. Guys, this comment had me 'scarred' for years, but fast forward to present day where I think one of the nicest comments I've received, is that I have a beautiful soul/personality. Essentially, this was what the guy was eluding to, but with negative connotations.

So, my thought process now goes something like this....
Someone liking me because of personality means they will appreciate me for me, not my exterior. My relationships will last and flourish because I have worked on my character, which is what keeps people in. My looks are definitely going to change, whereas my personality,what informs my decisions, what makes me me, is less likely to.

Holy Spirit! The components of my personalty that determine the way I interact with the world are largely influenced by my relationship with God. So even if my exterior doesn't shine, my insides will and I am cool with that.

 A song said " you're so beautiful a blind man could love you" that's speaks volumes to me. 

There is external beauty but mine is the kind that comes from within and reflect on the outside, I think so anyways lol 

Those words hurt me for a long time, and today, I thank the person who said that in attempts to bruise me. My skin has regained it's colour and now glows.

If you're to take anything away from this, I'd say take this. That you do not have to take everything people say to heart, please let it roll off your back just as quickly as it rolled off the tongue of the individual who spoke it. Peoples opinions do not HAVE to mould you, you don't have to fulfil those spiteful words but in my case, it wasn't such a bad thing. In fact, I hope that whoever forms any sort of relationship with me does so because they like my personality and not just my face. But I think you get it right?

Someone calls you ugly, girl (or guys, hey!!), don't pay any mind. Don't let it change your opinion of yourself. Life moves on, past hurtful words of those who do not appreciate what God placed in you.

"Yes, We Are Beautiful, Lovely and Oh So Worth It"- S.R

Peace and Love readers.
x Stitched Roses x

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