6 September 2014


Hey guys, 
Yesterday, the 5th of September was officially my natural hair anniversary! Might sound silly but I was really cheered up and happy, so decided to take some pictures!
The two years has been great, I've seen growth, health and best of all, I'm happy with the progress.

Attempting to smize hehe

Did something a little different to celebrate^_^
whooopie!!(this too about 10 tries)

Sun all in my eyes & Selfie just for kicks ^_^

The sun was out and I was leaping about town
ooohh, Any naturals out there? Come share your stories

Kimono-Primark, Slip ons-Office, jonis-Topshop, Top- Mango, Necklace- Topshop Sale
Thanks for stopping by.

x Stitched Roses x


  1. That kimono is everything!


    1. thanks for the comments guys
      love finding new blogs and I'm loving both your blogs !!